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The priorities of the SBA

The priorities of the SBA

The Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) represents the interests of the banks in Switzerland and advocates for optimal locational conditions. We are committed to scope for entrepreneurial freedom and open markets. These are our priorities in 2019:


The SBA is committed to create forward-looking framework conditions that offer scope for the success of innovative business models.

Regulatory process

The sector is to be involved in national and international regulations at an early stage and on an ongoing basis. New regulations are only to be introduced on the basis of a cost/benefit analysis. The regulations are to comply with the principles of commensurability and proportionality and ensure the international competitiveness of Swiss banks.

Market access

As an important export industry, the financial centre is to be given improved access to important target markets. This is achieved vis-à-vis the EU by means of equivalence procedures and bilateral agreements, among other things.

Basel III: finalised

The SBA advocates for a commensurate implementation of the international standards for capital adequacy regulation. The competitiveness of the Swiss financial centre is to be taken into account in terms of the timing and content thereof.

Deposit protection

The SBA is committed to an effective and balanced revision of depositor protection. Particularly important is working towards a solution which ensures an adequate cost-benefit ratio.

Tax proposal

We support the TRAF (tax proposal and AHV financing). This is essential for the attractiveness of Switzerland as a location.

Stamp duty and withholding tax

In the interest of an attractive capital market, the SBA advocates for the abolition of stamp duty and an implementation-friendly withholding tax reform.

Securitisation market

The SBA wants to achieve improved access for SMEs to the capital market. The securitisation market is to be strengthened.

Mortgage lending market

The SBA promotes a level competitive playing field. Regulation is not to be tightened nationwide. An accumulation of redundant or overlapping requirements is to be avoided.

Pension schemes

Occupational pension plans are to be strengthened long-term by modernising the investment guidelines (Prudent Investor Rule).


The SBA actively supports regulatory developments in order to continue to ensure Switzerland's leading role in sustainable and impact investing, and to tap new segments (e.g. green bonds).

Anti-Money Laundering Act

With the revision of the anti-money laundering provisions, the new international requirements are to be taken into account in a commensurate manner.