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The Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) represents the interests of the banks in Switzerland and advocates for optimal locational conditions. We are committed to scope for entrepreneurial freedom and open markets. These are our priorities in 2019:
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Swiss banking

A global investment

Investment management, in other words the management of investments for institutional and private clients, has established itself as a cornerstone and competitive advantage of the Swiss financial centre. Assets totalling CHF 3.4 trillion were managed...

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Swiss banking


Banks have existed in Switzerland since the 16th cen­tury, and the profession has had its own association for 100 years.

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Market access

Access to foreign markets is of strategic importance for ensuring the Swiss financial centre’s ability to remain competitive.

The preservation of a significant portion of added value and jobs in Switzerland also depends on the future success of the banks in Switzerland in asserting their position as one of the leading global financial centres. Autonomous action alone will not bring about the desired results for protecting market(s) access. In order to gain market access, political agreement must also be reached with the various partner states. Different measures should be taken simultaneously to this end, as a number of goals are likely attainable in the shorter-term, while others will require more time.


Onshore presence

A Swiss bank services its foreign customers through a subsidiary and/or branch in the customer’s country of domicile.


Passive cross-border

Existing customers abroad are provided with standard services and/or if applicable, new customers are acquired abroad, but only on the customers’ own initiative..


Active cross-border

Existing foreign customers are serviced and new customers are actively acquired out of Switzerland.

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the financial sector belongs to the most strictly regulated branches of the national economy.

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Self Regulation

The financial sector of the Swiss economy has a long tradition of self-regulation. Its advantages are a practical approach, flexibility and a high level of differentiation.

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The future of regulations

Switzerland’s international competitiveness as a business location is decreasing...

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